Industrial Safety (Safety Management) English

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Occupational Hazards & Dangerous Chemicals Used In Industries.
Working Height-Safety Requirement.
Part : 1    Fall Protection Categories
Part : 2    Confined Space
Part : 3    Scaffold Safety
Part : 4    Ladder Safety
Part : 5    Working at Height
Part : 6    Work Permit Letter
Part : 7    Excavation Safety
Material Handling Of Materials-Safety Requirement
Mechanical Handling Of Materials-Safety Requirement
Solid Waste Management.
Safety In Engineering Industries
Industrial Hygiene
Personnel Protective Equipment’s
Cautionary Sign



                  The Industry Involves management of 4 M’s, namely MATERIAL, MAN, MACHINE AND MONEY. The Contribution of work hazards in any industries is due to four categories namely materials, equipment’s, environment and man or people. Out of all these, people contribute up-to 95% of all the work place accidents. This, has also been proved true in case of several accidents which have occurred in factories or industrial units. Therefore, the safety management in industries involving material, man, machine and Environment is to be given top-most priority. Thus, industrial safety in the context of occupational, safety and health refers to the management of all operations and event within an industries for protecting its employees and assests by minimizing hazards, risks, accidents and near misses. “The relevant laws, compliance and best practices in the industry have most of be issues addressed for the best protection possible.”
Employees are to make sure that these are strictly adhered, to have maximum safety in all the operation and events carried out in industries. This, is termed as management of industrial safety or SAFETY MANAGEMENT-INDUSTRIAL SAFETY, the title of this book.
                 Every year industries are spending major share in imparting education to workers, managers and supervisors. A long time need was felt to have all the areas of industrial safety management under one banner of book. The authors of the book have tried their best to find a solutions of meeting trainings needs to all industrial employees, ITI and other training institutions for safety Courses by designing practical contents covering major chapters as given below which are pillars for controlling industrial safety. The contents of the book are as below:-
  • Occupational hazards and dangerous chemicals used in industries.
  • Working at heights-safety requirement.
  • Manual handling of materials-safety requirement.
  • Mechanical handling of materials-safety requirement.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Solid waste management. 
  • Safety in engineering industries.
  • Industrial Hygiene.
  • Personal protecting equipment.
  • Cautionary Sign

                 The above contents will serve as a ready reckoner for imparting training to all industrial employees, all over the country where safety courses are conducted - ITI, Diploma and other Institutions. It will also serve as a guide to all line-managers for implementing safety in day to day work.
This, book titled “SAFETY MANAGEMENT-INDUSTRIAL SAFETY” includes practical case studies from industry. This, book has been written by experts in the field including one of the author who has worked for about four decades in sensitive defense explosives production areas requiring highest level of safety above all management. The author and publisher is open to suggestions for improvement of contents. Also, THE AUTHOR CAN BE CONTACTED THROUGH PUBLISHER FOR ANY ISSUES OR CONTENTS BEYOND THIS BOOK FOR IMPROVEMENT OF THEIR WORK-FORCE, WORKING IN INDUSTRY AND TEACHING AREAS.
                 THIS, book is recommended for practicing engineers, technocrats and other workers in meeting day to day activities of controlling and Implementing Industrial safety management on shop floor. Also, this book is suggested as a Text Book for ITI, Diploma, Collages and other Institutions for imparting Industrial safety Courses.
Wishing a safer tomorrow. 
Chetan Prakashan